What is an Elevator Pitch?

Also known as a lightning pitch, it is an oral communication exercise that consists of presenting yourself and your project in front of a panel of judges. The Elevator Pitch session will last 5 minutes and there will be 5 minutes of questions and answers.

What do you mean by innovation?

Innovation must be understood in a broad sense and is not limited to technological innovation. We take into account the following definition:

“Technological product innovation means the development/marketing of a better performing product with the aim of providing the consumer with objectively new or improved services. This definition is extensible to service activities, organization and marketing in recent forms of innovation, as well as international outreach.”

What about the data I am sharing with you?

The organizers of the Canopée Challenge have taken all the necessary steps to guarantee the confidentiality of the files.

Each partner has signed a confidentiality agreement.

The data you provide will only be used for the purposes of the competition and cannot be used without your consent.

How is the selection made?

The pre-selection as well as the selection of the finalists and winners is based on the following five criteria:

  • The innovative nature of the proposed technology or service, as defined in article 1.
  • The quality of the presentation (written and oral)
  • The quality of the project leader and the complementarity of the team
  • The social, economic and/or environmental impact of the innovation, including the use or consumption of French wood (carbon footprint, working environment and conditions, job creation, creation of wealth and services saved for the community, use of short circuits, etc.)
  • The capacity of industrialization (concretization of the implementation of innovation, scalability or the ability of a product to adapt to a change in the order of magnitude of demand …)
When do we learn if our project has been selected?

On January 13, 2022.

My company is not based in France, can I apply?

The competition is open to companies that are not based in France. You just have to apply in the International category.

Is it possible to apply as a group?

Yes, it is possible to apply as a group. There is no limit to the number of applicants. However, for practical reasons, there is only one person for the project and only one person who will make the presentation.

If my project is selected, is it possible to present it with more than one person?

No, only one person must present the project.

If I am a foreigner, can I apply?

The international category is open to foreigners.

Are the La Canopée and Canopée Challenge competitions the same?

Yes, Canopée Challenge is the new competition of the sector. The organizers wanted to bring an international opening while keeping their identity.

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